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Mcafee Family Protection Windows Mac Help Get the better security out of Mcafee family Protection just few steps and stay protected, Mcafee protection is a famous software that has been created to keep your small children safe online while surfing,  playing under all situations. Please make sure you follow all the process given below to make sure the intention behind using antivirus McAfee Family Protection is served.

Easy CD installation ‘1st step: – There are a some minimum system requirements your computer needs to meet first up before you go ahead with any installation procedure. Requirements are as follows: Microsoft Basic Vista or XP, Windows 7, windows 8, 32 and 64-bit Hard disk free space of 50MB or Average Pentium II 233 MHz or faster 512MB of RAM. In addition to the above requirements, an online Mcafee registration and a reliable internet connection are required.

2nd Step: – This step includes a Mcafee CD, you need to insert the Mcafee CD containing McAfee Family protection Software into your Machine CD-ROM drive. In doing so, the installer will start the set up file automatically. However, if the CD fails to do so, then you need to double-click the ‘Install Mcafee Family Protection’ icon after accessing your CD-ROM drive.

3rd Step: – Registration of New Mcafee family protection is must now. So, to enable it, then you need to set a username and password. Just get sure that do not share these details to anyone. It is better to memorize both these details for your online privacy and safety purposes.

4th Step: – After the process do a proper restart of your device.

5th Step: – In the final step, when you try accessing your McAfee Family Protection software using your internet connection, you just need to login to your mcafee family protection account which you have created in the 3rd step. link to activate via retailcard:

Remember: For both internet and CD installation You can activate the product McAfee Family protection for Windows, Mac software on 3 computers (including yours). You don’t need to proceed the same step again and again to install mcafee in other computer. The mcafee account username and private password you set for your computer will remain similar and valid for the accounts on other computers as well.

In case you’ve previously installed other parental control application to avoid risk, then it is recommended that you have to uninstall this application before using McAfee Family Protection. For more information and help, you can consider using these details: Support: Website: McAfee Family Protection Windows Mac Help Instant Messaging and Web Blocking.

To block single user is in a messenger group, it is possible to block him/her. For this, you need to pull down the menu located at the top of your page and type in your contact’s name. Click ‘save settings’ before you exit. Web Blocking: You can block web content based on the categories they belong to.

To activate this feature, just select between 35 different categories that are visible to you on clicking ‘Web Blocking’ icon to the left side of your device screen. mcafee– Once you’ve observed the category, click ‘banned’ column that is situated next to it.

Type of McAfee Product to Activate:

Activate McAfee Live Safe

McAfee All Access

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Activate

McAfee Personal Firewall

McAfee Site Adviser Live

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Internet Security